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p, ot, wf, 41s, 7g7, o, vdb, o, Aerobic Developement 4
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Aerobic Developement 4
















Equipment needed – full size football pitch, 1 ball each, 24 cones

Work rate – 6 minutes @ 90 – 100% - recovery 4 minutes – 4 reps

Session details - Start by dribbling the ball in and out of the cones around the centre circle, when complete continue to dribble to skill box 1.

When in skill box 1 perform 5 headers

Dribble the ball back to the centre then start again

In skill box 2 start in the centre then run to each cone and touch with your hand then run backwards to the centre.

Dribble the ball back to the centre then start again

In skill box 3 perform 5 toe taps

Dribble the ball back to the centre then start again

In skill box 4 perform 5 keep ups

Continue for 6 minutes then rest for 4 minutes, restart where you stopped for rest

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