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Delevopment 3
Tuesday, August 11, 2020
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Aerobic Delevopment 3


















Equipment needed - full size football pitch - 15 cones - 6 balls

Work rate - 3 minutes @ 90 - 100% - 2 minutes recovery - 8 reps

Session details - Start by performing quick feet through the black cones

Then run round the white cone and to the centre circle 

Shoot at goal 

Perform a different quick feet drill through the yellow cones

Run round the blue cone and back to the centre 

Dribble a ball through the red cones and stop at the skill box 

Perform 5 headers or keep ups if you drop it start again 

Run round the blue cone and back to the start 

Continue for 3 minutes  then rest for 2 minutes but keep moving - perform 8 sets



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